About PropGuard

img_1210754108_14880_1299012713PropGuard is a product developed from extensive research into accidents and injuries involving outboard motors. Safe Marine Ltd continuously develop and evaluate how to make PropGuard more efficient and help protect those in the water while maintaining efficient running of your outboard motor.

Sizes And Pricing

PG01 to suit 2.5 and 5hp $280.00
PG02 to suit 8 and 9hp $280.00
PG03 to suit 15hp $320.00
PG04 to suit 20/25/30hp $320.00
PG05 to suit 40/50 hp $390.00

Larger PropGuards can be manufactured for $650.00

PropGuard has been developed to assist in the:

PropGuard is supplied with attaching screws, allen key and simple instructions for easy installation. PropGuards are available in various sizes to suit outboard motors from 2hp to 50hp. PropGuards are available for larger motors upon request. PropGuards are Powder Coated black for extra protection against the elements.

img_1210754108_14871_1210917702 This propeller is turning at only 300 revolutions a minute.At this speed it would slash through body parts 5 times a second causing horrendous injuries, amputation or even death.Fitting a PropGuard gives you peace of mind!

Propeller Magazine

From Propeller Magazine:

“I was impressed by the very little, if any affect it had on the boat’s handling.”

“There’s no doubt the Prop Guard does what it is designed to do and that’s provide underwater protection for both the prop and swimmers and divers.”

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The Damage an Unguarded propeller can do in seconds … LAST A LIFETIME