PropGuard – Protection Against Propeller Injuries

img_1210754108_14879_1299012688Safe Marine Ltd is a New Zealand company who produce a simple easy to fit Propeller Guard for all small outboard motors. Designed to protect against injury and accidents as well as protection for the propeller – PropGuard is a essential safety item for all recreational and commercial craft.

Designed and manufactured with Hydrofoil shaped sections of extruded aluminium this reduces drag allowing the boat to move at optimum speed and creating a constant velocity.

Propeller injuries are unique and very complex. Rotating at a high speed and with a very powerful torque, when a propeller makes contact with a body it will result in multiple impacts of great force by the moving and advancing blades of the propeller. A typical three blade propeller running at 3,200 rpm can inflict 9,600 impacts in 1 minute or 160 impacts in 1 second. A 13 inch blade can travel from head to toe in an average person in less than one tenth of a second.

Boat propeller injuries, if not fatal, are usually severe and disfiguring resulting in prolonged disability and permanent impairment requiring costly medical,surgical and rehabilitative services.

PropGuard Stockists

Safe Marine Ltd PropGuards are available throughout New Zealand and also in Australia.

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Safety First!

injuryThe graphic image on the left is an Injury from a large outboard. The patient was Luke Evslin – from Hawaii. Luke allowed us to use his photographs and his story follows here.

Using a Safe Marine Ltd. PropGuard ensures the safety of your family and friends on the water also preventing damage to your propeller.

The cost of a Safe Marine Ltd PropGuard is a small price to pay for peace of mind!